Important Message From the Brisbane Netball Association Board of Directors

Many of you will be aware of recent media coverage regarding a Brisbane Netball Association (BNA) player who believed she had been unfairly targeted by an umpire for a uniform infringement related to dress length.

The complaint was taken very seriously by BNA and we duly advised the player to lodge a complaint to be referred to the Independent Complaints Tribunal.

The Independent Complaints Tribunal found the player was correctly penalised by umpires for her uniform violation and that her Facebook postings post-game regarding the incident had breached BNA’s Code of Behaviour and Social Media Policies.

The player acknowledged her misinterpretation of the incident and wrote formal apologies to BNA and the umpires concerned, which were accepted.

BNA acknowledges uniform penalties should be enforced pre-game and will encourage umpires to apply any penalties relating to any breaches of the uniform policy, prior to the first centre pass in future.

Thank you.