BNA Rep Carnival 25th March – Draw

BNA Rep Carnival Draw and Information Booklet are available.

Download our Carnival Info Here – 2018 BNA Rep Carnival Information Booklet

Below are ways you can access the draw.

1st (recommended) option:
MyNetball App which can be downloaded or accessed through this link or via the App Store or Google Play –
Once the App is downloaded, remember to search for Brisbane Netball Association and go to Fixtures – 2018 Winter, Search by Grade (all Grades next 7 days. Carnival grades have REP at the beginning of them) and then Round.
2nd option:
Access the draw via MyNetball website:
This link will take you to the MyNetball page.
1. Search for Brisbane Netball Association (you can make this the default page).
2. Search Season: 2018 Winter, Search by Grade (these have REP at the beginning of them, except for the ‘Senior’ grade).
3. All rounds for that Grade will be displayed at the same time.
4. You will be able to download and print the draw for that Grade.
As an alternative, there will be a limited number of printed draws at the Games Desk in the Clubhouse on Sunday, please ask one of our friendly staff members.