2018 Winter Day Grand Finals

Should we experience some adverse weather conditions before our games tomorrow please note the following:

A check of the courts and courts surrounds (with special attention being made to debris that may have washed over courts and ability to clean in time) will be made in the morning and IF it is deemed unsafe for players and/or umpires then a message will be posted on our Website and our Facebook page and an email sent to all Clubs by 10.00am on Saturday 25th August to advise of the cancellations.

If courts are not affected then games will proceed as scheduled.  Whatever decision is made at 10.00am will apply to all games for the day.  Please do not ring the courts as we have only 1 phone line in so do not want to congest this line.

In the event that games are cancelled on Saturday 25th August then games will be replayed on Saturday 1st September.  We understand that this could affect the availability of players/coaches etc so will be taking written submissions via Club Secretaries up to 9.00am on Monday 27th August for any special scheduling requests.  Please note that all requests submitted for tomorrow’s games will need to be resubmitted so you can confirm that situations applying tomorrow are still relevant for the following week.

Fingers crossed that the weather holds out for us but felt you should know how the finals will progress should we be so unlucky as to get some heavy rain/storms in the interim.

Sharon Casablanca – Chairperson BNA