Games will continue as planned!!

Games will CONTINUE as planned.

We are aware rain is still coming but is moving quickly. Courts and surrounds have been checked and due to their all-weather surfaces as suitable to play on.

Please note:

• We will need the help of supporters/teams to monitor and squeegee the courts before the first round and throughout the day. Squeegees and brooms can be found near the cage at the clubhouse – our thanks in advance for your help.

• Games on court 1 are being moved for today. If this is you please see the new courts below.

o 10.30am Blue Glory V KL Ruby NOW CT5
o 12pm Blue Stingers V KL Ferrari NOW CT 13
o 1.45pm Warriors V Bandits NOW CT 13
o 3.15pm Rebellions V Blue Heat NOW CT6

Should there be any others changes made throughout the day we will notify on Facebook ASAP!