Suncorp #TeamGirls

We are sure you have all seen that ad – you know the one with the young girls coming together on the netball court with that catchy jingle before the netball coverage on Channel 9 ‘Team Girls’. “Hey, you got this girl. We know you do. We know our goals, We rep ourselves, Confident to our core. We… AHH…team…YEAH…girls…AHH…dream…YEAH!”

Netball is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. A game we all love in whatever capacity. We play it to exercise, to be social, to make lifelong friends, to challenge us, to be apart of something. It is a game that welcomes people of all ages and experience, and should be a place where everyone feels confident and safe.

Through initiatives such as Suncorp Team Girls, players are encouraged to stay in sport in order to build confidence and foster success later in life. Their campaign focuses on girls supporting girls and standing together to represent strength, resilience and leadership.

How do we achieve this at BNA? By being a positive voice on the sidelines and thinking before we make comments. Ask yourself “If I heard that comment spoken about me, how would I react?” If the answer is to be upset, maybe don’t say the words. We want to support everyone to play for their love of the game, and maintain an environment that everyone feels safe and respected. We should be empowering young girls and women, embracing all our beauty, and being role models for all.

At BNA we would love to see these principles embraced on a daily basis, because everyone deserves to enjoy the sport we all love to play.