Contact Details

The Board of Directors will meet at least six times annually.

Board Of Directors
Chairperson Sharon Casablanca 0419 782 212

Vice-Chairperson Darren Connolly
Competitions Amie Clark
Development Director Alecia Connor
Facilities Director Jodie Wright
Umpires Convenor Norma Oliver 07 3216 5472            
Games Convenor Leonie Bygraves
Coaching Convenor Tanya Connolly
Rep Convenor Tayne Harris
Facility Manager Rob Woodgate
NetSetGO! Co-ordinator Rebecca Beaton 0425 883 520
Selectors Sharon Casablanca

Darren Connolly

Alecia Connor

Tanya Connolly

Complaints Tribunal Lorraine Decker

Irene Timothy

Heather Slade

Lynne Swallow