Officials Nomination 3

Duties and Expectations


All coaches must have a minimum of a Foundation level accreditation and must hold a current blue card for working with children. Proof of current level of coaching accreditation must be submitted with this nomination form.

A copy of the applicant’s blue card or an application for a Blue Card form must be submitted when lodging the form.

No Coaches are permitted to engage external specialist coaches without the approval of the Development Director. (ie shooting, fitness or other coaches).

Premier League Coaches

Premier League coaches will train one session per week and attend all games at Klumpp Road Mt Gravatt on either a Thursday or Friday night throughout the season.

Premier League coach remuneration: $1,000

State Age and Queensland Cup Coaches

Coaches are required to conduct at least one training session per week.  State Age teams will train on a Sunday and coaches may elect whether they wish to train on Sunday morning or afternoon.  Rep teams will only train once per week until two months prior to their competition, in which they may train twice per week.  If teams are training twice per week the other session may be held at any time of the coaches choosing. This will need to be determined at the start of the season so that courts may be booked.

Coaches are required to take their teams to two representative carnivals in addition to the BNA Rep Carnival. The BNA Rep Carnival will be held on Sunday 30 April 2017 and will be compulsory for all representative teams.

Coaches must attend a welcome night on Monday, 27 February 2017 from 6pm to 8pm. This will be followed by a Coaches Meeting.

Representative coach remuneration: TBA (under review)