2018 Talent Identified Player (TIP) Program


Are you born in 2007 or 2006 or new to BNA and want to know more about the TIP/Rep Program at BNA?      Click Here for details regarding the upcoming information session on 28 July 2018.

BNA will also be holding two clinics designed to prepare players born in 2007 or 2006 for the TIP trials and to give them some extra training and insight into what will be required at trials.    Click Here for details regarding the these Pre-TIP Trial Clinics.

What is TIP?
The BNA TIP program is a specialized program that is designed to improve the overall playing standards of netball at the BNA including our representative teams. The TIP program operates during the Summer Season (October – Feb) each year and is aimed at players aged between 12-18 years (in 2019).  Players must nominate and then be selected to participate in the program.  Nomination alone is no guarantee of selection. The main purpose of the TIP program is to give development opportunities to players who will make themselves available for selection into a BNA representative team in 2019.

It is therefore important that parents and players understand the requirements of being part of the TIP program. All players who nominate and are successful in being selected in the TIP program are also required to nominate and trial for a Brisbane Netball Association 2019 representative team and play in a Rep team if selected.  TIP trials will be held in August 2018 and Rep Trials in February 2019.

TIP Coaching
During the TIP program, players are coached by experienced BNA representative coaches who will focus on mastering essential skills as well as furthering and extending skills to the next level.

TIP Training
Training during the TIP program will be of a high intensity (including weekly strength and conditioning work) and will prepare players for the next step into representative netball or provide further development for players who have already played representative netball.

The training program includes specialist sessions, guest coaches, pool sessions and professional guests (ie psychologists, nutritionists etc).

The focus of the program is on player development through weekly training sessions which are held each Monday night.

In addition to training, players will be placed into a team that will compete in the BNA Summer Night 2018/19 competition. Players in TIP teams that will play in a higher age-group or division than they would generally play in their club teams.

TIP Training times
12 – 15yrs:   Each Monday for two hours between 5.30-8.30pm (time will vary for each age group)
16 & 18yrs:   Each Monday from 4.45 – 5.30pm

TIP Fixtures
12 – 15yrs age group: Each Wednesday night from 10th October 2018 (draws allocated at start of season).    We discourage players in these age groups from playing in a club AND a TIP team during the Summer Season due to game time clashes and the pressure this places on players.

16 & 18yrs:  No weekly fixtures.  Player will participate in strength and conditioning training only each Monday from 4.45pm – 5.30pm.  We recommend that players in this age group play in their club teams over Summer.

Nomination Fee                                                                                                                                               $30.00.  This fee includes cost to nominate for 2018 TIP Trials as well as 2019 REP Team Trials.

$35.00 – Late Nomination Fee
TIP Trial Nominations close Saturday 4th August 2018

Season Cost for TIP Program                                                                                                                                    12 – 15 yrs  – TBC.  Estimated between $250-$300.

16 & 18 yrs – $120.00

TIP Uniform
If selected in a BNA TIP team, players must wear the BNA dress and BNA bike pants or plain black bike pants.  All players are required to wear a BNA training singlet to training on Monday nights. These will be available for purchase. Uniforms (dresses) are available for hire through our hire system. More details will be provided when the players selected in the program are announced.

All Season Costs must be paid in full no later than 8th October 2018

TIP Age Groups, Trial Times and Location                                                                                                                 12 years (Born 2007)  –   Sunday 12th August 9.30am    Sign-in: 9.15am
13 years (Born 2006)  –   Sunday 12th August 12.00pm   Sign-in: 11.45am
14 years (Born 2005)   –  Sunday 12th August 2.30pm   Sign-in: 2.15pm
15 years Born 2004)   –  Monday 13th August 6pm   Sign-in: 5.45pm
16 years (Born 2003)  –   Monday 13th August 7pm   Sign-in: 6.45pm
18 years (Born 2002 & 2001)   –  Monday 13th August 7pm   Sign-in: 6.45pm

12,13 and 14 yrs trials will held at Mount Alvernia College, San Damiano Centre, Somerset Road, Kedron.     15,16 and 18 yrs trials will be at the BNA Courts

INFORMATION REGARDING 2019 REPRESENTATIVE TEAMS                                                  

You must be able to meet the commitments necessary of being selected into a 2019 Representative team if you intend on trialing for a position in the 2018/19 TIP program.

To view more information regarding the 2019 Rep Season/requirements click here.

Whilst selection in the 2018 TIP program is not a guarantee of selection into a 2019 representative team, if you are selected in the TIP program you are required to trial and make yourself available for selection in a 2019 Rep team. When nominating online, you will need to confirm your understanding of the process and requirements for the TIP program 2018/19 and Representative requirements in 2019.



To nominate for TIP trials please click here to complete the on-line nomination form and then pay the nomination fee.

Please note nomination fees must be paid on the SAME DAY as nomination form submitted.  Nominations will NOT be accepted unless fee is paid!

Payment to be made by direct deposit to BNA bank account


Please ensure you use these correct bank account details