Umpire Fitness Training Program


  • Want to improve your fitness?
  • Need to get to that goal line faster?
  • Getting ready for QPL and Rep season umpiring?
  • New to umpiring and want to be match fit?

Then attend our BNA Umpire Fitness Sessions

Course Dates:              Every Monday starting 7th October 2019

Duration:                      9 weeks

Time:                            6:00pm – 6:45pm

What we provide:

  • Qualified Personal Trainer;
  • Strength and conditioning sessions tailored for umpires;
  • 45 minute session programs;
  • All ages and fitness levels welcome;

Cost:                               $80 for 9 weeks (pre-payment required)

                                       $60 for 5 sessions (pre-payment required)

                                       Sorry – No Refunds

Pre-requisites:             Must be registered in MyNetball in 2019

                                      Must be a current umpire

Nominate:                    Submit below registration form and proof of payment

via email to