NetSetGO 2024 - Term 2

What is BNA Woolworths NetSetGO?

BNA Woolworths NetSetGO is a fun, safe, social and active program primarily for girls and boys turning 5-8 years old in 2024. It gives children of all abilities a positive introduction to netball and teaches them the basic skills of the sport.  

(NB:  Players new to netball up to the age of 10 can also be catered for in this program)

At BNA, our Woolworths NetSetGO program is divided into tiers; Net and Set. meaning that participants develop skills at a pace that's right for their age and ability. 

Participants will take part in skill-based activities, minor games, and modified match play that will help them develop fundamental movement skills, as well as important social skills. Each session will be led by a trained coach, using modified equipment.

What tier will my child be in?

The tiers, Net and Set are catered for by BNA in its Woolworths NetSetGO program this program. 

  • Net is for players born in 2019 or 2018 and teaches fundamental motor skills through activities and games.

  • Set is for players born 2017 or 2016 and focuses on refining fundamental motor skills and introducing modified match play.

Players born in 2015 and 2014 not confident to train and compete in weekly fixtures with one of our clubs can also be catered for - please contact for specific information.