2022 TIP Information & Nominations

TIP Uniform

Training nights - BNA singlet over shorts/tights
Game nights - BNA dress (preference is BNA bike pants or black)

Reminder for those who need to hire a dress for the TIP season the only opportunity is Monday 3rd October in the Clubhouse from 5.30-7.30pm.  Please make sure you bring the completed hire form which you can access below.  Payment of the hire fee can only be made by EFTPOS - cash will not be accepted..

All Season Costs (fees and uniform  must be paid in full no later than 11 October 2022.


TIP Player Information




Type of Session  


Specialist Sessions  


Guest Speaker Tara and Maddie Hinchliffe  

Everyone has a Journey - Building resilience  

Strength and Conditioning  


Skills Session  

Landing on the outside foot and Passing  

S/C and Shooting  


Skills Session 

Placement of pass combining explosive speed 

S/C and Shooting  


Skills Session  

Front cuts, clear drive, Timing/Decision making 

S/C and Shooting  


Mental Health workshop/Skills Session  

Decision Making  



Skills Session 

One on One Defence 

S/C and Shooting 


Skills Session 

Deny and dictate and Attack the first ball 

S/C and Shooting 


Coaching Session – Liz White and Amanda Van der Wal 

Deny and dictate and Attack the first ball 



Skills Session/ Tara Hinchliffe  

Hand over and Blocking 

S/C and Shooting  


Skills Session 

Channels and Court balance 

S/C and Shooting  


Alannah Fong  - AM Pilates 

Channels and Court balance 



Fast Five – TIP Break UP  



Team Training Time 




S&C ct4 

TIP 1 - Lorretta 


7 then 3 


TIP 2 - Emma L 




TIP 3 - Chloe R 




TIP 4 - Sheree  


5 then 1 


TIP 5 - Andrew  


6 then 2 


TIP 6 - Rebecca  




TIP 7 - Cathy  




TIP 8 - Emma W & Erin 




TIP 9 - Michelle H & Brigid 





Training night - BNA singlet over shorts/tights
Game night - BNA dress (preference is BNA bike pants or black)

Reminder for those who need to hire a dress for the season the only opportunity is Monday 3/10 in the Clubhouse 5.30-7.30pm.  Please make sure you bring the completed hire form and it is EFPTOS only.

Dress hire form 

TIP Selection Announcement

Congratulations to all the players for their participation in our TIP 2022/2023 trials.

We apologise for the delay in this announcement, the appointment of team officials took longer than expected.

More information will be emailed during the week.

Screen  Shot 2022- 08- 28 at 4. 52. 41 pm

What is TIP?

The purpose of this program is to give our elite and talented players targeted and holistic training and opportunities over the summer whilst working on consolidating and mastering their basic skills.  The focus is on individual development, before progression of team tactics/systems.

The 2022 program has been written to reflect the changes and demands in netball that have occurred over the last few years, most notably the extension of State Age to include a senior competition.  Therefore, our program has been expanded to include all age groups and to focus on the development, fine tuning and extension of holistic skills all netballers must have.

As a result, included in the 2022 program are a variety of specialists to give players a greater appreciation of what is involved in being a player competing at an elite level.

The TIP program operates during BNA’s Summer Night Season (October – Feb) each year and this is for both training and fixtures. 

TIP Process

Players must nominate, attend trials and then be selected to participate in the program. Nomination alone is no guarantee of selection. The expectation is that players who nominate will trial and make themselves available to play for BNA in a representative team in 2023.

It is therefore important that parents and players understand the requirements of being part of the TIP program. All players who nominate and are successful in being selected in the TIP program are also required to nominate and trial for a Brisbane Netball Association 2023 representative team and to play in a Rep team if selected.

Failure to do so may incurs a 12 month ban to trial and play in a BNA Rep team as per the BNA Rep Selection Policy. All Rep players are also required to play with an affiliated BNA Club in the BNA Winter Day Season.

TIP trials will be held on 21st/22nd August 2022 and Rep Trials in February 2023.

TIP Coaching

During the TIP program, players are coached by experienced BNA representative coaches who will focus on mastering essential skills as well as extending and furthering individual development to see players perform at the next level.

Specialty coaches will be brought in to further support the learning and development of players both on and off the court.

TIP is not just about strengthening our players but also strengthening and developing our coaches.  As a result coaches will be asked to nominate to be involved in further their skills in supporting the development of players.  We will be looking to have coaches participate in 3 levels:

  1.  Head Coaches
  2.  Assistant Coaches
  3.  Apprentice Coaches

TIP Training

Training during the TIP program will be high intensity (including weekly strength and conditioning work) and will prepare players for the next step into representative netball or provide further development for players who have already played representative netball.

The training program includes:

  • shooting specialist sessions
  • guest coaches from the ACU Brisbane North Cougars Liz White and Amanda Van Der Wal
  • yoga session/s
  • professional guests from Head Space to discuss mental strength, resilience and grit during players journey
  • Guest Speakers Tara Hinchliffe (current Lightning Player) and Maddie Hinchliffe (current Collingwood player)
  • guest coaching from Tara Hinchliffe during a skills sessions

The focus of the program is on player development through weekly training sessions which are held each Monday night.

In addition to training, players will be placed into a team that will compete in the BNA Summer Night 2021/22 competition. Players in TIP teams will generally play in a higher age-group or division than they would play in their club teams. Games will be held on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, depending on the age group/division in which the player is competing.

TIP Training Times

12-17yrs:  Each Monday for two hours between 5pm - 8.30pm. (Times will vary for each age group)

Training commences on 3 October 2022 and continues through to 5th December 2022.  Players will resume training again after the Xmas/New Year break on Monday 23rd Jan 2023.

TIP Fixtures

12-17yrs:    Each Tuesday or Wednesday night from 4th/5th October for the entirety of the BNA 2022-23 Summer Night Season Competition  (Draws allocated at start of season). 

TIP Trials

Trials will be held as follows:
NB: Player ages shown are as at 31/12/23.

12 years (born 2011) – Sunday 21st August 2022 @ 8.00am @ Clayfield College

13 years (born 2010) – Sunday 21st August 2022 @ 10.30am @ Clayfield College

14 years (born 2009) – Sunday 21st August 2022 @ 1pm @ Clayfield College

15 years (born 2008) – Monday Night 22nd August 2022 @ 6.30pm @ Brisbane Netball Association Crt 3

16-17 years (born 2006 – 2007) – Monday Night 22nd August 2022 @ 6.30pm @ Brisbane Netball Association

All players are to wear Black shorts/bike pants and a white t-shirt/singlet.  No Club or Rep uniforms are to be worn during trials.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your trial start time to sign-in.

Nomination Fee

$30.00 - This fee includes cost to nominate for 2022/23 TIP Trials as well as 2023 REP Team Trials in February 2023.

$35.00 - Late Nomination Fee (nominations done after 8th Aug 2022)

TIP Trial Nominations close Saturday 8th August 2022

Season Cost for TIP

TIP Squads

12-17 years players - $ 315*  

* If players have not registered with Netball Qld in the 2022 year (at any Assn) then the Netball Qld component of 95.50 will also payable.

TIP Training Groups

If sufficient nominations are received of the required standard, then training groups may also be selected in the 12 – 13 year age groups.  These players would be invited to be involved in most of the  individual development and skill sessions conducted on a Monday night but would still play fixtures with their BNA Club team.

12-13 years players - $ 80

To help keep costs lower we also have fundraising activities. More information will be provided once the season has started.

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