COVID Procedures & Protocols

This page will be constantly updated with the latest guidelines and protocols, so please check back in to make sure you are adhering to the latest procedures.

COVID Safety Committee

A COVID Safety Committee was established in June to implement all recommended COVID safety practices to allow for a safe return to community netball for Brisbane Netball Association members and venue hirers. The Committee is made up of volunteer members from each Affiliated and Associated Club and BNA program, and acts in an advisory capacity to the BNA Board on COVID matters.

If you wish to be involved or offer assistance to the COVID Safety Committee, please speak to your Club COVID Officer.


  • You MUST NOT come to the courts if you have:
    - Visited affected locations identified by Queensland Health
    - Been in direct contact with a known case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days
    - Flu-like symptoms or are a high health risk (e.g due to age or pre-existing conditions)
    - Travelled internationally
    - Travelled to a COVID declared hotspot




  • There is a limit of 1 spectator per player for all GO, Junior, Inters and Opens games. Please adhere to all information provided by your Club. 
  • All spectators must register their attendance at our facilities by downloading the EVA Check-In App, entering your details, and scanning the QR code (available at each court) on entry and exit. Alternatively, a manual attendance register can be used at the Games Desk. Further instructions can be found in this video.
  • All spectators must remain socially distanced in all designated spectator areas (labelled with signage around each court)
  • The COVID Safety Officers from each Club are around the courts for all rounds, and will be enforcing the above protocols. Please follow all instructions, or you will be asked to leave the courts. 
  • Follow additional protocols outlined in this video for spectators.


  • Please leave the courts quickly at the completion of your game.
  • Remain in designated team area during game.
  • Bring sufficient water as you must not share water bottles (the canteen is closed for the foreseeable future).
  • Follow the management plan of unwell participants, as per your Club's directions. 
  • Follow the specific player protocols listed in this video

Coaches & Managers

  • Specify a meeting point for your team that is away from the Courts and Zone entry areas. Potential meeting points should be communicated to you by your Club.
  • Courts can only be accessed 15 minutes prior to the commencement of your game
  • Court cleaning checklists are to be completed by each team at the end of each game. The checklists can be found in the court cleaning bucket located to the side of each court. 
  • Follow additional protocols for coaches and managers outlined in this video

Management of Unwell Participants

1. Any person who is unwell or develops cold/flu symptoms including a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath
    will be directed to move to the designated Quarantine Area on the Western side of the Clubhouse. This area is clearly
    labelled with a sign and is roped off for this purpose.

 They will be advised to:

  • put on a sanitary facemask from a supply made available by BNA within the isolation space
  • call their parent/guardian (or be assisted to if required) to arrange immediate collection from BNA, and
  • call a doctor or 13HEALTH for health advice.

2. Any person playing on the same netball court where the unwell person was participating will be directed to
    immediately use hand sanitiser, and all netballs, equipment and post pads within the netball court will be sanitised.

    BNA and the Club affiliated with the netball activities will be notified of the unwell participant. All participants will be
    contacted by reference to the attendance register and advised to contact their doctor or 13HEALTH, while self-
    monitoring for any cold/flu symptoms. BNA will provide any relevant attendance registers to QLD Health if a positive
    diagnosis for COVID-19 is confirmed, or otherwise required by any relevant authority.

3. If any person becomes unwell after attending BNA for netball activities, all people present during the time the unwell
    person was at BNA will be contacted by reference to the attendance register and advised to contact their doctor of           13HEALTH
while self-monitoring for any symptoms. BNA will provide any relevant attendance registers to QLD Health
    if required.


  • Follow the Get In - Train - Get Out philosophy
  • All attendance records are to collected using the QR Code (preferable method) or manual attendance register (for those who don't have access to a mobile phone). Each Club is to retain these records for 56 days and then destroyed. 
  • Follow the individual flow for each court on training nights (there is plenty of signage to help!):




  • At BNA, we have adopted the Field Sports COVID Safe Industry Plan. It is expected that all members follow these protocols, as communicated to you by your Club.
  • Netball Queensland has established a 'Return to Play Resources Hub' with a series of resources designed to guide and assist a safe return to the courts for our netball community 
  • A list of all previous communication regarding COVID-19 from Netball Queensland and BNA can be accessed here.
  • A copy of the QR Code to be used when holding activities at the Bradbury Park courts can be downloaded here. 

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